The service was
excellent, the price fair, and the workmanship flawless. Stonegate is
a keeper.”
Chris N., Herndon, VA

Stonegate Remodeling began with one main goal in mind…to be the exception.

Too often you hear stories of backhanded contractors trying to string along, short-change, or downright rip off their customers one way or another. To our owner and General Manager Chris Hám, not only are such practices outrageously immoral, they simply don’t make sense. In a field where 90 percent of business is derived through word of mouth, pleasing the customer through a perfect balance of craftsmanship, timeliness and honesty is the only lasting way to conduct business. And that’s how we operate, never satisfied with simply earning a quick buck and moving on. Every new project is an opportunity to form or strengthen a lasting relationship with the customer, which can only be accomplished by consistently providing the highest level of service. And we do. At Stonegate Remodeling we live by the standard that “Good enough is NEVER good enough”.

When we enter into a project, quality is the primary focus. We believe that only through constant, clear communication with our customers can their expectations truly be met. From the inception of each project our skillful construction staff will do all they can to bring the dreams and visions of our customers to life. We at Stonegate Remodeling pride ourselves on the fact that none of our customers ever feel “out of the loop” and they are afforded the luxury of choosing how much, or little, they are to be involved. Our expert designers work with each customer to create custom designs that are personalized to the needs of each individual space. From the initial design to completed installation, our staff takes the time to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your home improvement project. As well, unlike so many area contractors we purposefully do not have contracts with any manufacturers. Never will our customers feel pressured to choose from a narrow selection of materials, ensuring limitless client choice in every project.

Stonegate Remodeling is a full service remodeling company that holds a Class A Virginia State License. We are fully insured and we are proud to say that we are in good standing in the Better Business Bureau. We would be honored to be your trusted remodeler.

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